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 • Denise Tedeschi started creating art commercially in her teens, demonstrating and hand etching scrimshaw jewelry for a local retailer.

• In the 1980's Denise attended The Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio. Digital art was not an option for her then, and she waited years before she was able to create artwork using a computer. Once accustomed to the digital world though, she was hooked. Denise uses various programs to scan textures, drawings, paintings and source materials into them as needed. She creates her art composition and then applies various drawing and painting techniques as well as type and patterning or textures as needed.

 • Sometimes you are lucky enough to find something that you enjoy doing so much, you would rather do it than almost anything else. Being creative gives Denise that joy and she loves learning more about computer techniques, as well as experimenting with other visual arts. Over the years Denise has developed an adaptable ability with various art techniques. She finds joy in experimenting and discovering. It is from this love of variety that her business name, LUSH studio, was born. She felt a 'studio' would encompass her varied styles and not lock her into any one predictable style.

• Denise has a rich background in interior furnishings from both design and retail perspectives having been in furniture retail on and off for 25 years. She's experienced in high to low priced product markets and loves to design with any customer in mind. She feels every customer and market matters.

• Denise currently resides in New Jersey in a somewhat rural area of woods, orchards, farms and preserved farmland with her husband, young son, and various pets.